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  1. Hello.
    I’m impressed your wooden works especially to use shellac andbeewax.
    It’s soooo natural. I like that much.
    So if you don’t mind, may I know which brand you use. I guess that it’s 100% natural products.
    Also which one I have to spread first to wood? Shellac or beewax?

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks, first of all yes I use only natural products, brands don’t count that much. I don’t buy shellac flakes but the one already dissolved in ethyl alcohol (more handy) and as said brand are not essential. I may suggest to get some from restorer shop instead of big marts, you may save some money usually.
      I use Ambra beeswax (dissolved in naturale turpentine).
      Steps usually are: 2 or 3 coats of shellac, depending on wood essence, then beeswax, once dried out just cleaned up with an old woolen cloth.


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